About World Suicide Prevention Day

Tuesday 10 September

Why ‘Vote 1 Suicide Prevention’?

This year just prior to World Suicide Prevention Day, you, along with all Australians, will be asked to cast your vote to elect our political leaders in the federal election.

With all the one-upmanship and empty promises thrown around during the election, it can be hard to see how your vote will make a difference.

But there is one meaningful vote that you can make right now. A vote that will help save lives. A vote that shouts to your family and friends that you treasure them and that you will be there for them if the going ever gets tough. It is a vote for suicide prevention.

For the last two decades, under both major political parties, we have seen little change in the number of Aussies lost to suicide. We consistently lose around 2,300 people each year.

We know that the reasons for suicide are complex but we believe that most suicide is preventable. 

We have drawn a line in the sand and say, enough: It is time for a new approach.

Suicide Prevention Australia is leading the National Coalition for Suicide Prevention to deliver a this new approach to suicide prevention. Our goal is to halve suicide in Australia by 2023. However, to achieve this we need the government to join the National Coalition for Suicide Prevention.

We need your support to convince them. That is why we are asking you to Vote 1 for suicide prevention today.

And on World Suicide Prevention Day, we will show our political leaders that Australia has our back, Australians have sent a clear message that they demand the government to take suicide seriously and join the National Coalition for Suicide Prevention.


Posted on September 9, 2013 .