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Scenario-Based Training




Biphasic Training delivers Scenario-Based Training (SBT), involving the use of emergency drills to assist First Aiders to better understand the decisions they need to make when confronted with a first aid emergency situation. The process of SBT has been found to be effective for first aiders, mine rescue teams, and emergency response teams, in order to build a cohesive team.

The aim of the planning and practicing drills is to provide an active learning experience with proven effectiveness to enhance the overall capability and efficiency of first aid responses for an emergency response team. By using scenarios based training it creates an atmosphere that is more conducive to learning by focusing on knowledge and skill development to deliver real skills, real people and real results.

What topics will I learn?

BiPhasic Training delivers emergency drills or scenario based training to all organisations to assist them in becoming First Aid Ready. Through consultation with you, Biphasic Training design and deliver simulated realistic and potential incidents in your workplace, ensuring each scenario that is created will be relevant and tailored to your workplace.

How will I be assessed competent?

Generally there are no assessments; however Biphasic Training tailors assessment-based training to meet individual workplace needs.

What employability skills will I develop? 

Communication  l  Teamwork  l  Problem solving  l  Initiative and Enterprise  l  Planning and Organising  l  Self Management  l  Learning.

Where will I learn? 

Biphasic Training Centres  l  On-the-job  l  Tailored workplace solutions. 

How will I learn? 

Face2Face by a qualified Biphasic Trainer and Assessor. 

How long is this Course? 

8-10 hours. 

What is the cost? 

Price on application

What are the entry requirements? 

Sound English - spoken and written. 

What will I receive upon completion? 

You will receive a Statement of Attendance and Course Results.

What else might I find useful? 

All learning materials will be provided for you during your Course.


How do I  secure my place? 

CALL (61) 7 4987 6947 to arrange your Scenario Based Training days