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HLTAID004 Provide emergency first aid response for carers and teachers



Children are not small adults. It is inevitable that they will at some point have an accident or illness. Children are physiologically different to adults and this means they can react differently to illness or injury. As a parent, carer or teacher you may need to know how to effectively deal with any situation you encounter.

The unit applies to educators and support staff working within an education and care setting who are required to respond to a first aid emergency, including asthmatic and anaphylactic emergencies.

The Course will assist you to develop your knowledge and skills in applying first aid response in an education and care setting to preserve life, prevent further harm, promote recovery and protect the unconscious.

What topics will I learn?

Knowing the differences between adults and children l  basic anatomy and physiology  l CPR  l AED  l social and legal issues l choking/airway obstructions  l drowning  l  loss of conscious  l bites and stings  l poisoning and toxic substances  l respiratory distress  l seizures  l asthma  l  triggers  l  managing an asthma attack  l  anaphylaxis l allergic reactions l infection control  l fractures, sprains and strains.

How will I be assessed competent?

During Course  l  Written  l  Practical Demonstration  l  Learning Support provided.

What employability skills will I develop? 

Communication  l  Teamwork  l  Problem solving  l  Initiative and Enterprise  l  Planning and Organising  l  Self Management  l  Learning.

Where will I learn? 

Biphasic Training Centres  l  On-the-job  l  Tailored workplace solutions to meet your needs.

How will I learn? 

Face2Face by a qualified Biphasic Trainer and Assessor.

How long is this Course? 

8 hours - HLTAID004 Provide an emergency first aid response in an education and care setting.                                                                          


Is RPL available? 


What is the cost? 


Courses are GST Exempt.

What are the entry requirements? 

Sound English - spoken and written.

What will I receive upon completion? 

You will receive a Nationally Accredited Statement of Attainment and Course Results.  You will be qualified to provide first aid and hold currency for 3 years. You will also be qualified to perform CPR and hold currency for 12 months, according to the Australian Resuscitation Council Guidelines

What else might I find useful? 

All learning materials will be provided for you during your Course.

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