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HLTAID006 Provide Advanced First Aid (PAFA)

Did you know that every workplace has a legal responsibility for ensuring adequate first aid provisions?  Accidents are a part of everyday life, including your place of work.  First aid is the earliest and the easiest response - even you as a bystander can assist a casualty in need.  While hundreds of people are trained in basic first aid according  to St John's only 13% of Australian businesses are first aid ready. Applying effective first aid response to accidents, injuries and illnesses, you can assist a person to a speedy recovery, or ultimately save their life.

This Course will assist you to develop your knowledge and skills in: applying advanced first aid response to preserve life; prevent further harm; promote recovery; and protect the unconscious.  You will also learn to: assess the situation for danger; manage casualties, including determining the priority of patients on the severity of their condition (Triage); coordinate first aid activities until arrival of medical assistance; apply various advanced first aid procedures, communicate essential incident details; and evaluate the incident by debriefing to improve future first aid operations, substance misuse - common drugs and alcohol, including illicit drugs.

What topics will I learn?

Throughout this Course, you will develop your knowledge and skills in:  Located and interpreted workplace policies & procedures l conduct a hazard assessment and identified strategies to minimise risk l Conduct a basic triage l  conduct a secondary survey l Basic anatomy and physiology  l  emergency childbirth l substance misuse l stress management techniques  l  abdominal injuries  l  allergic reactions  l  altered and loss of consciousness  l  asthma  l  anaphylaxis  l  bleeding  l  burns  l  cardiac arrest  l  angina  l  choking/airway obstructions  l  drowning  l  bites and stings  l  poisoning and toxic substances  l  respiratory  distress  l  seizures  l  strokes  l  social and legal issues  l  chain of survival  l  infection control  l  CPR  l  AED  l  fractures, sprains and strains l providing first aid to children, aged and infirmed.

Course pre-requisite

There is no pre-requisite for this course.

How will I be assessed competent?

During Course  l  Written  l  Practical Demonstration  l  Learning Support provided.

What employability skills will I develop? 

Communication  l  Teamwork  l  Problem solving  l  Initiative and Enterprise  l  Planning and Organising  l  Self Management  l  Learning.

Where will I learn? 

Biphasic Training Centres  l  On-the-job  l  Tailored workplace solutions.

How will I learn? 

Face2Face by a qualified Biphasic Trainer and Assessor.

How long to complete this Course? 

2 day workshop.

What is the cost? 

$295.00 - 2 day workshop.

GST Exempt.

Is RPL available? 


What are the entry requirements? 

Sound English - spoken and written.

What will I receive upon completion? 

You will receive a Nationally Accredited Statement of Attainment and Course Results. You will be qualified to apply advanced first aid response and hold currency for 3 years.   You will also be qualified to perform CPR and hold currency for 12months, according to the Australian Resuscitation Council Guidelines.

What else might I find useful? 

All learning materials will be provided for you during your Course.

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