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If I told you that 1 + billion people were happily gathered in one central location online - many of whom are your customers and prospective customers - and that the majority of them expect to see your business or brand there, wouldn't you want to be there too?  In a nutshell, that's a strong enough reason for promoting your business or brand on social networks.  With over a billion consumers using social networking platforms to connect with friends and interact with others around topics that interest them, your business has a tremendous opportunity to grain powerful access to the very people who pay our wages. Regardless of whether your business has a presences on social networks, chances are that your customers do, so you should be there too - or your competitors will be.

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Social media has rapidly become an integral part of marketing - finding, connecting and engaging - new and prospective customers for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  As technology continuously evolves, it is increasingly important for SMEs to develop and implement social media strategies to remain visible amongst our competitors.

Selling effectively on social networks doesn't require a huge paradigm shift from traditional marketing, advertising and sales.  On social networks, establishing credibility and trust, and building relationships takes precedence over making a sale.  Companies that succeed in engagement, are rewarded through positive word-of-mouth advertising and referrals.  With engagement comes the possibility of word-of-mouth advertising, which, of course, is nothing new.  Word-of-mouth is still the single most powerful marketing medium to date.

Brought to you by Biphasic Training, Find l Connect l Engage Seminars, Coaching and Workshops will assist you to develop your knowledge, skills and application in understanding, developing, implementing and maintaining your brand's social media presence.  

Biphasic Training offers social media:

  • Seminars for you to gain knowledge, ask questions and remain current with knowledge in developing, implementing and maintaining the latest innovations in social media and social networks
  • Coaching in a 1-2-1 learning environment where you will guided through establishing your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn 

Social Media Seminars

So you're thinking about social media but don't know where to start? 

At our Find  l  Connect  l  Engage Seminar, we will make a case for developing, implementing and maintaining social media in your promotional efforts, introduce you to features designed specifically for this purpose, and provide you tips on how to do business most effectively.

This session aims to help you figure out what to build with what you have available, integrate and develop your brand, and navigate a path to achieve your social media goals. This session will provide you with: 

  • Social media goals and objectives
  • Social media company policy
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Social Media Coaching


Are you too busy and want assistance in with social media networks? 

So you have chosen your social media networks, what next?

A Biphasic coach will meet with you to discuss your needs, goals and objectives, as well as set up your social networks.  You will be provided with a social media calendar to capture your ideas and visualise the flow of your content.

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Social Media Workshops


A hands on experience

Are you ready to start building your brand, as well as develop and implement on your social media strategy?

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