Children with first aid skills can save a life …. it might be yours!!

Why aren’t more young people and their parents interested in becoming a first aiders?? Children as young as five years of age have been known to save a parent’s life. They can position the adult into the recovery position and call 000, no matter how bad the adult’s condition is. In 2019, with over 25,000 people dying from cardiac arrest, 20,000 of those are happening in the home or in a domestic setting. A young person doing CPR can keep the blood and oxygen moving around the body to the brain, keeping the casualty from brain damage. Learning how to use the defibrillator that stops the heart for the heart to pick up its own beat. We might teach young people in different ways than we teach adults. We may use scenario-based repetitive learning to show them how to do CPR and use the defibrillator instead of theory-based classroom situations. In scenario-based learning (sbl) we make-up a realistic first aid scenario to engage their imagination to apply their new found skills and knowledge practically.  In doing sbl they can apply their skills in a first aid training class, that allows the learner to make mistakes in a supportive and guiding environment. So let’s teach our children CPR and First Aid in 2022.

Call biphasic training on 0408985488 to assist in deciding on the best way to train your children to save a life !!

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